Visa Application ( Taiwan )

  • Taiwanese Visa

Visa issuance depends on rules and regulations pursuant to the diplomatic relationships between countries.
Please check whether or not a visa is required to visit the countries you intend to travel via Internet, by contacting directly your local embassy or consulate before you travel.
We can arrange a Tourist Visa for the following countries.
If you are  mailing your passport, please use Registered Overnight Express Mail (익일특급 in Korean) at your post office.
  • SOHO TRAVEL Room 201, 61 World Cup Buk-Ro 4 Gil (204-36 Dongkyo-Dong), Mapo-Gu ,Seoul  121-819
    서울시 마포구 월드컵북로 4길 61번지 (동교동 204-36 ) 201호 소호트레블

We will be able to help with your Taiwanese Visa application only when you live in Korea (except Busan, Daegu, Ulsan, Gyeongsang-Do and Jeollanam-do ).

Required Documents for applying a Taiwanese visa ( updated on 04 Apr 2023 )

1. Physical Passport  ( with 6 month validity )
2. Physical Alien Registration Card or Residence Card ( with More than 3 month validity )
3. 2 Passport pictures ( White Background / Recently taken with last 6 months )
4. Air plane ticket/Reservation copy
5. Hotel Voucher / Confirmation copy

6. Certificate of employment ( written in English only)
영문재직증명서 –

  • Letter of employment verification of you that is issued by your employer
    Using a company letterhead and with a company stamp on it, It doesn’t mean a contract letter

7. Application Form

8. Certificate of deposit balance from your bank 은행 잔고 증명서 ( At least 5 million won balance is required. )

9. Fee: 50,000 won (For South African applicants only )

*  For other nationalities, please email us for the visa fee.

SOHO TRAVEL Room 201, 61 World Cup Buk-Ro 4 Gil (204-36 Dongkyo-Dong), Mapo-Gu ,Seoul  03993
서울시 마포구 월드컵북로 4길 61번지 (동교동 204-36 ) 201호 소호트레블

  • If you mail the document to our office,please transfer the money from your account to the following bank account  :
    KB ( Bank code 04 / Kook Min Bank )    479001-01-184821
    Jeong Jong Ho (Soho Travel)
  • or
    NH (Nonghyup )  301-0118-6764-11
    Jeong Jongho (Soho Travel)