Visa Application ( Japan )



Due to the pandemic, currently Japanese Consulates in Korea temporarily have stopped issuing Japanese tourist visas.

However Soho Travel is able to assist of your visas if you are applying for a Student visa, Working visa, short term business visa or Family Visa.

( Updated :   22 APR 2022 )


Soho Travel is one of the appointed travel agencies by Japanese embassy in Seoul for Japanese visa applications.


A) Long term Student Visa or Work Visa :

If you live in Korea legally and already got the COE ( the Certificate of Eligibility ),

You are eligible to apply for a visa to Japan.


Required documents:
1) Original Passport
2) ( Completed and Signed ) Application form
3) 1 passport sized photo ( Taken within the last 6 months )
4)  Certificate of Eligibility ( COE )
4-1) If It has been more than 3 months since the COE has been issued,
You must also submit a new letter 申立書  by your company in Japan stating that the COE has been issued for more than three months but it is still valid.
5) A Copy of Alien Registration Card ( for certain nationalities, you don’t need ARC to apply for a Japanese visa in Korea )
6) Copy of the certificate of completion of registration on the ERFS system ( 受付済証 )

B) Short Term Business Visa

The required documents For Japanese Business Track Visa ;

1.Original Passport

2  Application form

3. 1Passport Photo

( Recently taken within 6months/Color photo only )

4. Alien Registration Card copy ( Front and Back page ) or

Certificate of Alien Registration ( For some nationalities, ARC are exempted from submission)

5.Copy of the certificate of completion of registration on the ERFS system ( 受付済証 )


If you want to apply for a different type of Japanese visa, Please feel free to email to

or Call us 02-322-1713.

You can visit my office with the documents and you can send them to my office by registered mail from any post office near you.

Our office address to send the documents:

SOHO TRAVEL Room 201, 61 World Cup Buk-Ro 4 Gil (204-36 Dongkyo-Dong), Mapo-Gu ,Seoul 03993


Soho Travel’s Visa Service Fee :​ 50,000 won

Japanese Embassy might charge you extra depending on your nationality. Please check it with us.


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